Energizer vs Duracell Batteries – Which Battery is Best?

Energizer vs Duracell Batteries
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Energizer and Duracell are two of the most popular battery brands. A recent study pitted the two brands against each other to see which one lasted longer. The results were surprising. We’ll compare Energizer and Duracell batteries in terms of cost, performance, and environmental friendliness. We’ll also provide a verdict on which brand is better.

Energizer batteries lasted an average of 20% longer than Duracell batteries. If you need your devices to work for a long time, you should choose Energizer batteries over Duracell batteries. 

All the batteries were new out of the package and tested at room temperature. A multimeter was used to test the voltage of each battery after every hour of use. We’ll look at battery life, price, and features to see which brand is the best bang for your buck.

Which Battery Lasts Longer Energizer or Duracell Experiment

Which Battery Lasts Longer Energizer or Duracell Experiment

Regarding batteries, two brands stand out above the rest: Energizer and Duracell. But which one lasts longer? In this experiment, we put both brands to the test to see which one outlasts the other.

We used four AA batteries from each brand. We started by fully charging each battery, then discharged them completely. We then recharged them and expelled them again. We repeated this process until the batteries would no longer hold a charge.

The Energizer batteries lasted an average of 26 cycles before they died, while the Duracell batteries only lasted 20 processes. So, in this experiment, Energizer batteries appear to stay longer than Duracell batteries.

Why Energizer Lasts Longer than Duracell

Why Energizer Lasts Longer than Duracell

According to Consumer Reports, Energizer batteries last up to 50% longer than Duracell batteries. In their tests, Energizer Max AA ordnance lasted an average of 8 hours and 45 minutes, while Duracell AA batteries only lasted an average of 5 hours and 45 minutes.

It all comes down to the chemistry of the battery. Energizer operates a different kind of manganese dioxide in their batteries, which is more stable and doesn’t break down as quickly as the manganese dioxide used in Duracell batteries. An electric battery converts chemical power into electrical energy.

The cells in a battery are filled with materials like lead and cadmium, which create a chemical reaction when they come into contact with each other. This reaction produces electrons that flow through the battery and power whatever device it’s attached to.

How to Choose the Right Battery for Your Needs

It would help if you always chose the correct battery for your needs. Battery voltage is the most crucial consideration when choosing one. You also need to consider the battery’s capacity, size, and weight. The discharge rate is also an essential factor to consider.

An electric battery’s voltage is expressed in volts (V). Power can be stored in batteries at higher voltages. A higher voltage also means that the battery will last longer before it needs to be recharged. An electric battery’s capacity is measured in milliamp hours (mAh). 

This is how much energy can be stored by the battery. A higher capacity means that the battery will last longer before it needs to be recharged. The size and weight of a battery are essential factors to consider if you are planning on using the battery in a portable device.


In conclusion, both Energizer and Duracell batteries are reliable and efficient. However, Energizer batteries have a slight edge over Duracell in terms of overall performance. This is likely because Energizer batteries have a higher capacity, meaning they can power devices for extended periods. For consumers who are looking for the most reliable battery option, Energizer is the way to go.

Table of Contents
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