Why Li-ion 18650 Batteries are best

Li-ion 18650 Batteries
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Why Li-ion 18650 Batteries Are Best

Li-ion 18650 batteries are inarguably the most famous type of rechargeable battery for used electronic devices. They can be used for various products from mobile phones to vehicles, and their properties are superior compared to other rechargeable batteries.

We use high-quality Li-ion batteries for all but a few of our rechargeable flashlights, head torches, searchlights, and floodlights, as they allow us to give the high-performance, long-lasting products our buyers are used to.

Below we have placed a few advantages of lithium-ion batteries from the customers’ point of view and searched into the science behind each benefit that makes them best.

Li-ion 18650 Batteries

Small And Lightweight

Terminals commonly used in lithium-ion batteries, lithium, and carbon, are lightweight on their own, making for much shorter and lighter batteries than their older equivalents such as lead-acid batteries. A lithium-ion battery weighs about 24Ah lead-acid battery about 6 to 7kg but provides over twice the capacity.

Li-ion 18650 Batteries

This special characteristic of lithium-ion batteries is available in head torches, as we can increase the light output and runtime significantly without attaching bulk and weight to the battery pack on your head.

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More classical varieties of rechargeable batteries, such as nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries had a so-called “vision effect”, or “lazy battery impact”.

If they were frequently somewhat discharged before being recharged, ultimately the battery would only deliver the number of energy that was used during the partial discharges before its voltage would fall.

Li-ion 18650 batteries don’t experience the memory impact, which involves them always giving up their last bit of power, and you can restore them whether you have used 100% or 30% of their power with no disturbing maintenance required.

Li-ion 18650 Battery

Great Power Density

Li-ion battery 18650 is a very reactive element with the capacity to release and store large amounts of power and energy, allowing li-ion batteries to pack a high energy capacity in a small pack.

This changes to li-ion batteries lasting much longer between charges than other rechargeable batteries, while still supporting their high level of performance.

Li-ion 18650 Batteries


Li-ion batteries hold relatively low levels of toxic large metals found in other types of batteries, such as lead-acid batteries. Cadmium, lead, and mercury have been battery stalwarts for years but increased exposure to, and poor disposal of these metals is dangerous to humans, animals, and plants.

Li-ion batteries are more reliable than many other types of batteries, but they still need proper recycling, so never put your used batteries in with your usual trash.

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Quiet Self-Discharge Time

Lithium-ion batteries also have a comparatively low self-discharge rate. Self-discharge is a simple, constant phenomenon for batteries, where chemical reactions inside the batteries degrade their capacity even when the battery is not being used.

These are some best facts that make Li-ion batteries better than other batteries in many ways.

Table of Contents
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